Mural Art on 15th and Waverly Street

Entitled "The Death of Venus," this mural has created quite a stir. Located in the downtown area, adjacent to a neighborhood with many LGBT people, the mural was painted by Dee Rosado (formerly Wesley Chin) and depicts both several glamorous women in stages of death and rebirth, and the transgendered artist's personal transformation into a woman.

Here it is, in three segments:

Some in the city have not been happy, but as of today, as I walked past the mural and noticed it for the first time, it still stands. Unfortunately it bears some graffiti on the artwork, which somehow most murals seem to escape. The most fun part of the mural is perhaps the black-clad figure with the real life black electrical cord coming out of her mouth, an artist's creative adaptation to the limitations of the "canvas."

Read more about the controversial work in this Philly Weekly archive, and there's certainly more via Google. Many parts of the city are beautifully festooned with murals, part of the greater Mural Arts Program.

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