Obama's in Deep

I don't see how he can pull out of this one.

Obama's first book was largely about how he came to find himself, particularly his black identity as a person of multiple backgrounds. Apparently Rev. Wright had a lot to do with that.

Reverend Wright thinks AIDS might have been cooked up by the US Gov't.

Hillary will be the nominee, perhaps with good reason. Maybe Obama should take the VP slot now.


robin andrea said...

We are now finally back to the McCarthy era where people are judged by those with whom they associate. Aside from the fact that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, why does this preacher have any impact on how Barack Obama might govern? I know that you don't subscribe to such things, but how is it in our country that this is so, but ONLY for Democrats. Republicans can party hearty with tyrants and megalomaniacs, but Democrats can't even have a fundraising dinner with a former Weatherman without being portrayed as a terrorist. We are doomed.

roger said...

hillary hardly deserves the nomination as she attempts to change the rules she agreed to with respect to florida and michigan. to say nothing of her gas tax idiocy. or not so subtle race baiting.

i'll excuse guilt by association way before actual actions by the actual candidate. i'd even excuse hillary from guilt by association with her increasingly ugly husband.

Ryan said...

good points.
i still support him, and it seems he's getting his second wind lately, but i worry that his relationship with rev wright was more than an association, and more of a father figure type thing. ashame that rev wright tried to pull his friend down.