Massage Bella Vista Opens

You may have noticed the new business on the corner of 8th and Fitzwater, across the street from Cianfrani Park.  Massage Bella Vista is a newly opened massage studio, offering Swedish, aromatherapy, deep tissue, hot stone, and maternity massage.

I walked by the other day and the place looked clean, intimate, and welcoming.  I spoke with a male and female therapist and got a good feeling about their nascent enterprise.  Having only had one professional massage in my lifetime (at Terme di Aroma in Old City), I am certainly not qualified to offer a review in the future.  But the prices look more affordable, and my back is a twisted curly willow branch of late, so I hope to partake of a massage soon.

This post marks the first in over a year!  But this blog is going to be revived, since we recently moved to Bella Vista and have lots of exciting bits to share.  It seems like this neighborhood is quietly experiencing another renaissance.  Although neighborhoods like Graduate and Fishtown are generally given more recognition as "up and coming," Bella Vista often gets overlooked.  Perhaps that's because it never "went down" quite as far, and has the bones of ethnic diversity, incredible foods, parks, and sincere South Philly-ness to build upon.

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